Aviation Energy Center

Aviation Energy Center is a utility-scale solar project exploring siting options in Greene & Clark County, Ohio. The Aviation Energy Center team is thoughtfully designing the project in collaboration with the community. The project team is dedicated to working in alignment with the community’s vision to deliver a successful project and maximize its benefits for all.

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At Vesper Energy, we recognize that understanding and meeting the community's needs are essential to the success of this project. Our focus is on building genuine local relationships to learn the unique perspectives of the community and make them an integral part of every decision we make. The Aviation Energy Center project reflects this commitment.

The design of the Aviation Energy Center will be tailored to Greene & Clark Counties' natural and agricultural landscape. We will take care to preserve the features that residents value. This land is special to us, just as it is to you, and we want to ensure that our project not only respects but enhances its essence. We believe transparent and collaborative work are essential to the success of this project. Our goal is to create a positive impact that benefits both the local economy and the overall well-being of our community. Together, we are building a legacy for future Greene & Clark County residents.

Where in Greene or Clark County would you like to see this project built? Your insights will play a vital role in shaping our plans for the Aviation Energy Center project.

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More resources mean more opportunities for Greene & Clark County citizens. As part of our commitment to enriching these counties, Vesper Energy will provide quarterly funds to local community organizations. The mission of our Aviation Energy Center Community Giving Program is to provide funding to organizations that are working to strengthen the vitality of the project area and county.

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